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English: Kelp forest, Ardtoe Kelp (laminaria d...

English: Kelp forest, Ardtoe Kelp (laminaria digitata) is also called tangle, for obvious reasons. The kelp beds are very rich in underwater wildlife. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Very recently I came across 3 exceptional immune formulas and decided to order one to try myself.

The first of these is the most potent: Immune Assist Critical Care Formula™ This formula contains 500 mg of pure immune-active Heteropolysacc​harides and Arabinoxylane polysaccharide​.. 3 to 6 recommended like graviola. Much better than AHCC or MGN3 and contain both PSP and PSK versions of Coriolus as welll as Matake D fraction Lentinan. Also contains 2oo mg. of soluble1,3-1,6 Beta Glucans per cap and the heteropolysaccharides and Beta Glucans are concentrated (more than 250 to 1). Go to Aloha Medicinals – Product List for links to research supporting these formulas. So if you want a complete Immune formula for support of conditions, especially cancer the recommended dosage is 3 to 6 caps per day, similar to Graviola. i am going to take 1 or 2 per day for maintenance.

Another formula made for daily use is Immune Assist 247™ This is a daily version of Immune Assist. 2 per day. The product has 800 mg of a proprietary blend of: over 200 immuno-modulat​ors of the complex polysaccharide class and is time released. The recommended dose is 2 caps a day.  Product combines immuno-modulators and direct acting anti-viral compounds derived from all natural sources. These compounds have been researched and tested as an additional therapy for cancer and Hepatitis B and for Alcoholic liver disease. Currently it is being tested in clinical trials for use in HIV infections and for Hepatitis C.

And last but not least if budget is a consideration there is a formula Immune Assist Complete™, which capsule “contains 125 mg of pure immune-active Heteropolysaccharides, including over 50 mg of soluble 1,3-1,6 Beta Glucans per capsule, and 375 mg of pre-Fukushima, certified pure Icelandic Kelp, Laminaria digitata. The best combination of immune enhancement and natural trace minerals available as a daily supplement anywhere today.”¹

Next up: more information on Aloha Medicinals mushrooms.

¹Copyright © 2013 Aloha Medicinals Inc.  Immune Assist Complete™

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