Medical Chinese Body Cupping Set with Magnets Point Therapy

Effective pain relief: Philips TensRelief Pain...

Effective pain relief: Philips TensRelief Pain Management Devices Help Pain Sufferers Lead an Active Life with Less Pain (Photo credit: Philips Communications)

I recently purchase this Chinese aid on a whim; but to my surprise it actually works. The old Chinese method of using vacuum cups with candles has been updated with a pump apparatus and magnetic points. I used this: Medical Chinese 12 Body Cupping Healthy Set 6 Acupressure Magnets Point Therapy and tried it on my painful areas of my body and after only a few minutes it relieved my pain. It comes with an extension tube so you can use it on hard to reach areas. I highly recommend this.

Future posts for Pain Management will include: Charged Hydrogen water, a miracle fabric known as  cellient which help increase oxygen to the cells and stimulates circulation among other things, and some tourmaline germanium far infrared jewelry and wraps and various massagers including the IQ Massager .

(en) Vacuum suctions (pl) Bańki próżniowe

(en) Vacuum suctions (pl) Bańki próżniowe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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