Pain Management update II

I have been using various forms of magnetic bracelets and necklaces and finally came across what I think are the ultimate bracelets: TITANIUM Anion Magnetic Energy Germanium Power Bracelet Health 4in1 Bio Armband. This bracelet combines 4 different elements (Acually 5) into a black two tier bracelet.

  • First up Germanium: Germanium is believed to have semiconductor properties which allow far infrared rays to penetrate into the body as well help the flow of oxygen to the inner organs.
  • Tourmaline creates far infrared rays that that is considered to release KI energy and create the most healing energy.
  • Anion, which is composed of Amethyst and Tourmaline provides negative ions and small magnetic fields which may increase serotonin levels, thereby decreasing depression and stress and increasing energy and alertness.
  • Magnets, which is supposed to help with stagnation of the blood and relieve discomfort and speed healing.

One of the more interesting devices I’ve used is the IQ MASSAGER PRO II. This electronic device sends out pulses in varying patterns that stimulates sore areas and is great for sedentary individuals to  create some of the benefits of exercise.  I have used this on and off for several years for pain. I have recently obtained conductive electrotherapy gloves and socks which work terrifically and relieves my arthritis and helps my diabetes by stimulating circulation in my feet. Unfortunately the availability of these items is sporadic, so if you want them you’ll have to do a search on google and ebay to see what is available. Next up: an update on diabetes.

Tourmaline from Afghanistan, Detail

Tourmaline from Afghanistan, Detail (Photo credit: cobalt123)

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