Celliant Fibers for Health


Titanium-dioxide-sample (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celliant fibers are embedded into many products including clothes, sheets, mattress covers, pillow cases and more. Celliant fiber is moisture wicking and circulation stimulating, as well as increasing oxygen increasing. It reacts naturally with the human body creating far infrared energy. It does this by absorbing energy from the body and then converting it into a form usable by the body and recycling it back to the body.  Which will then trigger the body to produce natural reactions resulting in increased blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues of the body1.

So this can be very useful to anyone who is tired or has finished exercising or has sports injuries. It can also be used while exercising to increase circulation.

So what is celliant? Celliant is usually polyester that has been impregnated with  optically responsive minerals, including Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, and Aluminum Oxide. This is ground into a fine powder and combined with a liquid form PTFE which is then extruded into a fiber and spun into fabrics such as Holofiber. Brands such as Saucony, Sopora, Iron Man, PureCare by FabricTech, and Ao2. The celliant in these is smaller than one micron and will last the life of the fabric.

Products available include Celliant Energy Socks, Celliant 5-Sided Mattress Protector Size: Queen, Depth: 8-13.5″, Ao2 Celliant Health Therapudic/Comfort Insoles 1 Pair and many more. Just do a search on Amazon or Ebay or Google to find more products.

Titanium dioxide nanofibers

Titanium dioxide nanofibers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. What Celliant is and how is Made

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