Soles for Living

It is known that an aligned spine is a factor in reducing pain, so chiropractic and acupuncture can help in pain management; but what is relevant is good posture and that relies on good shoes with heel stabilizers. People spend all kinds of money on insoles that are suppose to reduce shock and usually they need to be replaced at least once a year. Many companies make dubious clames that their products will help the health of your feet and back and certainly some orthotics help to support your feet and some are useful for different conditions of the feet. In terms of absorbing shock you can purchase shoes with an advanced design that probably reduce shock, but what I am covering here are insoles that really do reduce shock and last for years. Only one company can make actual claims that their insoles reduce shock by 94% because insoles are made from materials that are used on space shuttles to isolate cameras on takeoff. That company is Sorbothane and I’ve had 3 pairs for years; One of them for 20 plus. You can find them on and on Amazon. Here are some quick links: Sorb
othane Ultra Arch InsolesInsoles Sorbothane SorboGel Walking Insoles.

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