You can read more about me also on About.Me. This blog is mostly concerned with health issues, although I will post other content from time to time. Feel free to comment on any of my posts and also let me know if you have had success with anything I’ve posted.

I am interested in health, skin and hair care (I was once a cosmetologist), Sci-Fi, both books and films, and Computers. I have a degree in Systems Admin. And of course I am interested in Vitamins, herbs and minerals. I have been studying herbs for 40 years and have a basic knowledge of Chinese Tonic Medicine, Recently I’m studying Aromatherapy but have some experience with it through the use of herbs. Also I’m a writer and I will be setting up a separate blog for that. If I provide something useful to you, great! You can let me know how something I wrote about helped you. Please also check me out  on twitter at Steve Fox@srfox32. Or click here: http://bit.ly/13oRNa4 

The Green Connection

In 1994 I ran a forum (bulletin board) on Prodigy called The Green Connection. Many articles were written about us and we won an award as the best online environmental forum of 1994 by Computer Currents Magazine (Now Computer User). I built this forum up to 15,000 members and called the First online Press Conference with special guest David Brin (who I chose because of his book “Earth”),

Earth (novel)

Earth (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

who some folks might know as the writer of the story in the Kevin Costner movie, “The Postman”

Cover of "The Postman [Blu-ray]"

Cover of The Postman [Blu-ray]

is based on.

A word about my links. Although I prefer certain products, I am not in the employ of any health companies. My choices are based on quality and price. If you want to know why I chose a particular product just ask and I’ll be happy to respond. Also, some links may be no longer available. Just do a search and usually you will find another supplier.


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