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The best Memory Enhancers

Embed from Getty Images Amyl Oban 3399 is a special extract from Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. It contains the two most active constituents of Lion’s Mane; amyloban and hericenones which stimulate nerve growth factor.  You can find it here: Amyl Oban 3399. Amyloban supports … Continue reading

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Some other great immune enhancing products

Some other great products I’ve come across: Duan Wood Ganoderma Lucidum Lingzhi Reishi Shell Broken Spore Powder First Grade | eBay This is a product I consider essential for cancer and this is a great price on the product. Each … Continue reading

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Memory Problems 2 Glutathione

Latest word indicates that Glutathione is not well absorbed through the digestive track. A number of products have come along to boost the amount of Glutathione in the body. A good overview can be found here: Glutathione…What It Is, What … Continue reading

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Memory Problems

Here are some recommendations for memory enhancement supplements. Sometimes memory is affected by Chemo and Radiation:  I use Solary’s SharpMind as my basic formula. I use to take a lot of these ingredients separately, but having Huperzine A (which is … Continue reading

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