Surviving Cancer


Polski: Grafika podręcznika pl:Wikijunior:Owoc...

Polski: Grafika podręcznika pl:Wikijunior:Owoce. Guanabana, graviola, sirsak, flaszowiec miękkociernisty (Annona muricata). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The medical establishment denounces graviola usually but not always. I had Bladder Cancer and after 3 operations, chemo and radiation and BCG I finally gave up on the doctors. They wanted to remove my bladder and told me it would definitely return with a vengeance. I found Graviola after doing some research and decided to give it a try. I used 6 caps of 500 mg. each day on and off for 8 years and now in the ninth year I still have no sign of cancer. Caution, I do not recommend this dose for anyone who does not have or had cancer. Graviola starves the cancer cells by inhibiting the growth of cells. For this reason it is not advisable to take coq10  Alpha-Lipoic Acid or anything that stimulates ATP production. Doing so will inhibit this effect. It will still kill cancer cells though. I don’t take it all the time but I try to use it for three months straight, then rest 2 or 3 months as long as there are no signs of cancer returning. This not a recommendation of a treatment as I am not a doctor. It is just my own experience with it.

Also I did take a lot of immune stimulants See this site for what I originally found when researching what to take 12 years ago Cancer Supplements (will be posting links to products that I used while I had cancer and for several years after. Some additional posts:

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