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The best Memory Enhancers

Embed from Getty Images Amyl Oban 3399 is a special extract from Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. It contains the two most active constituents of Lion’s Mane; amyloban and hericenones which stimulate nerve growth factor.  You can find it here: Amyl Oban 3399. Amyloban supports … Continue reading

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Chinese Tonic Medicine Update

Another good Shen Tonic is: Pearl Shen Dragon Herb. This contains the following: Duanwood Reishi, Pearl Powder, Polygonatum rhizome, Albizzia flower, Spirit Poria sclerotium, Zizyphus seed, Chinese Licorice root, Eclipta herb, Polygala root, Chinese Salvia root, Chinese Asparagus root, Bupleurum root, … Continue reading

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Shen: The Third Treasure

Shen is the third treasure and is often referred to as the Spiritual and Mind although it is not specifically defined. Herbs that enhance the mind and spirit are considered Shen herbs. These herbs have a profound effect on the … Continue reading

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Some other great immune enhancing products

Some other great products I’ve come across: Duan Wood Ganoderma Lucidum Lingzhi Reishi Shell Broken Spore Powder First Grade | eBay This is a product I consider essential for cancer and this is a great price on the product. Each … Continue reading

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