“It’s not the food in your life, it’s the life in your food”- B’Gabs

“It’s not the food in your life, it’s the life in your food”- B’Gabs I recently came across this quote while discussing health issues with Tom Lang of Charged Water Drinking Systems for Better Health and a Sharper Mind | ChargedforLife HHO & Brown’s Gas Wa…, so I thought I’d find out whose quote this was so I could use it. More about Charged for Life in another post. My own quote: “It’s Not How’s Life Treating You?, but “How are you Treating Life?” Steve Fox

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The best Memory Enhancers

Amyl Oban 3399 is a special extract from Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. It contains the two most active constituents of Lion’s Mane; amyloban and hericenones which stimulate nerve growth factor.  You can find it here: Amyl Oban 3399. Amyloban supports the survival of nerve cells as we age. My personal experience with this has significantly enhanced my short time memory as it used to take me days trying to remember things and now in an hour or so I can remember. My short term memory was affected by chemo.

To be continued..

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Raintree graviola is back

Graviola Max from Raintree is available again. This formula combines regular cultivated graviola with wild mountain graviola. This is the formula I have used to keep my cancer at bay. I was told by the doctors that if I did not have my bladder removed it would come back with a vengeance. I looked up how long people survive without a bladder and the average was 10 years. Well, it has been 16 years and I am still cancer free. I also found out quite recently that Princeton university is now engaged on a study of graviola as a possible chemo agent. Any you can obtain Graviola Max here. Just click and it will take you Amazon where you can obtain it.


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Corydalis for Pain

Corydalis flexuosa 'China Blue'

Corydalis flexuosa ‘China Blue’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been using Corydalis for pain management and have been able to reduce my dependence on strong medical drugs. I recently discovered this a few months back and so far it is working great. I have some back pain and some pain from arthritis. An article below that I recommend reading is about how the American Medical Establishment works. It is enlightening. And another source for this is referenced below along with a nice article on how it can help. Please remember that I am not a doctor and what I write about is just my own experience and views, but a lot of people have commented to me that my writings have helped them and for this I am grateful. I love to hear stories about this. So please continue to send me via my twitter account (direct message) and I’ll try to respond.

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Soles for Living

It is known that an aligned spine is a factor in reducing pain, so chiropractic and acupuncture can help in pain management; but what is relevant is good posture and that relies on good shoes with heel stabilizers. People spend all kinds of money on insoles that are suppose to reduce shock and usually they need to be replaced at least once a year. Many companies make dubious clames that their products will help the health of your feet and back and certainly some orthotics help to support your feet and some are useful for different conditions of the feet. In terms of absorbing shock you can purchase shoes with an advanced design that probably reduce shock, but what I am covering here are insoles that really do reduce shock and last for years. Only one company can make actual claims that their insoles reduce shock by 94% because insoles are made from materials that are used on space shuttles to isolate cameras on takeoff. That company is Sorbothane and I’ve had 3 pairs for years; One of them for 20 plus. You can find them on rxsorbo.com and on Amazon. Here are some quick links: Sorb
othane Ultra Arch InsolesInsoles Sorbothane SorboGel Walking Insoles.

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Celliant Fibers for Health


Titanium-dioxide-sample (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celliant fibers are embedded into many products including clothes, sheets, mattress covers, pillow cases and more. Celliant fiber is moisture wicking and circulation stimulating, as well as increasing oxygen increasing. It reacts naturally with the human body creating far infrared energy. It does this by absorbing energy from the body and then converting it into a form usable by the body and recycling it back to the body.  Which will then trigger the body to produce natural reactions resulting in increased blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues of the body1.

So this can be very useful to anyone who is tired or has finished exercising or has sports injuries. It can also be used while exercising to increase circulation.

So what is celliant? Celliant is usually polyester that has been impregnated with  optically responsive minerals, including Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, and Aluminum Oxide. This is ground into a fine powder and combined with a liquid form PTFE which is then extruded into a fiber and spun into fabrics such as Holofiber. Brands such as Saucony, Sopora, Iron Man, PureCare by FabricTech, and Ao2. The celliant in these is smaller than one micron and will last the life of the fabric.

Products available include Celliant Energy Socks, Celliant 5-Sided Mattress Protector Size: Queen, Depth: 8-13.5″, Ao2 Celliant Health Therapudic/Comfort Insoles 1 Pair and many more. Just do a search on Amazon or Ebay or Google to find more products.

Titanium dioxide nanofibers

Titanium dioxide nanofibers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. What Celliant is and how is Made

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Berberine HCL for Health

 Berberine is a plant alkaloid found in Oregon grape root, Golden Seal, Barberry and in a particularly good formula for these plants, considered to be a natural antibiotic is Enzymatic Therapy – Phyto-Biotic – 60 Veg Caps; but you can also get pure Berberine HCL Berberine HCL 400 Mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules as well. It stimulates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which can lower cholesterol and has been studied in a trial for Diabetics against Metformin as published in Metabolism and was found to just as effective. It also lowered “triglycerides (35.9 percent), LDL cholesterol (21 percent), and total cholesterol (18 percent)”1.



Tall Oregon-grape, Holly-leaved Barberry, Holl...

Tall Oregon-grape, Holly-leaved Barberry, Holly-leaved Oregon-grape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.What is Berberine: Research and Benefits | Dr. Julian Whitaker

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Pain Management update II

I have been using various forms of magnetic bracelets and necklaces and finally came across what I think are the ultimate bracelets: TITANIUM Anion Magnetic Energy Germanium Power Bracelet Health 4in1 Bio Armband. This bracelet combines 4 different elements (Acually 5) into a black two tier bracelet.

  • First up Germanium: Germanium is believed to have semiconductor properties which allow far infrared rays to penetrate into the body as well help the flow of oxygen to the inner organs.
  • Tourmaline creates far infrared rays that that is considered to release KI energy and create the most healing energy.
  • Anion, which is composed of Amethyst and Tourmaline provides negative ions and small magnetic fields which may increase serotonin levels, thereby decreasing depression and stress and increasing energy and alertness.
  • Magnets, which is supposed to help with stagnation of the blood and relieve discomfort and speed healing.

One of the more interesting devices I’ve used is the IQ MASSAGER PRO II. This electronic device sends out pulses in varying patterns that stimulates sore areas and is great for sedentary individuals to  create some of the benefits of exercise.  I have used this on and off for several years for pain. I have recently obtained conductive electrotherapy gloves and socks which work terrifically and relieves my arthritis and helps my diabetes by stimulating circulation in my feet. Unfortunately the availability of these items is sporadic, so if you want them you’ll have to do a search on google and ebay to see what is available. Next up: an update on diabetes.

Tourmaline from Afghanistan, Detail

Tourmaline from Afghanistan, Detail (Photo credit: cobalt123)

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